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BC Aboriginal Entrepreneurs Gap Analysis 2012

The BC Aboriginal Entrepreneurs Gap Analysis 2012 was commissioned by the Aboriginal Business Services Network Society to provide an independent, evidence-based assessment of the current state and adequacy of services to Aboriginal entrepreneurs in BC.

BC Aboriginal Entrepreneurs Inventory of Programs & Services

This Directory is intended to provide a summary of what programs and services are currently available for those entrepreneurs who decide to use formal supports in their quest to start a business. Programs and services change frequently, and the information is, to the best of our knowledge, current as of January, 2012.

BC Aboriginal Entrepreneurs List of Service Providers

Listing of service providers that are active in providing support servicdes to Aboriginal entrepreneurs in BC and is focussed on agencies whose services are directly targeted to Aboriginal entrepreneur or their businesses.

Aboriginal Artisan Catalogue - Fourth Edition - 2012

CFDC of CIFN has published this Fourth Edition to showcase the Aboriginal Artisans and their talents.

Newsletter June 2008 PDF

Newsletter June 17, 2011

ABSN Brochure PDF

News Releases - Link to Western Economic Diversification Press Release

Federal Funding Strengthens Aboriginal Business Services in British Columbia

October 13, 2009 - Kamloops, British Columbia

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ABSN Renewal Document 2008/09:


Renewal Document 2008/09


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ABSN Strategic Planning 2008/09:


Strategic Planning Session PDF


ABSN Facts and Statistics:


Facts and Statistics PDF

Aboriginal Community Economic Development Toolkit 2006

Tool Kit Download (PDF) may take several minutes (30MB)

Table of Contents
1 Community Initiated Change
2. Sustainable Community Change
3. Administration and Organizational Development
4 Human Resources Management
5 Community Economic Development Plan
6 Community Based Research Methods
7 Business and Enterprise Development
8 Governance in Aboriginal Communitities
9 CFDC of CIFN Business Planning Guide

Guide to Aboriginal Organizations and Services in BC

Rural Canadian Guide to Programs and Services

Social Development Program Policy & Procedures Manual -
BC Region - Indian & Northern Affairs Canada



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